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Two Doves

White and red doves

Last night I had a dream. I actually dreamt that I was dreaming about birds in my bedroom. There was a window with a very white curtain and the sun shining brightly through. Hanging on to the curtain, inside and out was a large number of sparrows. They were flying and flitting around and some were also on furniture and the floor. When I looked at the floor I saw a white dove among them and something drew me to try and pick it up, but it flew a couple of feet away when I tried. Disappointed I watched it thinking, Of course it is not going to let me catch it, but then it flew back right into by hands. Next I was outdoors carrying it when I saw another dove on the ground. This one was red. Ive never seen a red dove before, I thought. Then I remember laying in bed thinking about this strange dream. At that point Im not sure if I was dreaming that I was thinking about it or if I was actually awake.

Today I when on line to find a picture of a dove and I found a brown mourning dove that looked a lot like the red one in my dream except for the colour. With a bit of manipulation of the picture I turned it red and also made a white copy, so here they are sitting together in perfect peace. It is interesting how their necklines seem to form a heart.

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