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Baha'i Inspired Videos

I've embedded videos here that are of interest to the Baha'is. If you would like something added, let me know.


Although there are some things about this video I do not agree with, there are likely more that I do agree with. Sowing peace involves listening to and considering the views of others. Although minister Farrakhan comes across as being militant, he says we should fight falsehood with Truth. I believe the enemy will be destroyed in this way. As soon as we pick up weapons to fight, the enemy has already won, but when we fight back with love and Truth, there are no losers other than those who refuse to listen.

This video is more than 3 hours long. Watch when you have time.

Subjects covered. Equality of mankind, Equality of women, Comparison of Jesus and Mohammed, the promised Messiah, One World nation under God, the duty to teach the Faith of God and much more.

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